5 Drupal podcasts you must follow in 2024

5 Drupal podcasts you must follow in 2024

For those who are passionate about Drupal, experienced developers, or just interested in staying informed with the latest trends and insights within the Drupal community, podcasts are a great resource.

They provide an easy and engaging way to stay connected with the community, learn from experts, and stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

In this blog post, we'll introduce you to some Drupal podcasts that offer valuable information, tips, and tricks from well-known members of the community. Let's dive in!

1. Talking Drupal

Talking Drupal is a highly popular weekly podcast that focuses on all things related to Drupal and web development. The show is hosted by a team of experienced Drupal professionals and covers a wide range of topics, including technical reviews, discussions on new modules, updates on Drupal core, and interviews with key contributors.

What's great about Talking Drupal is that it comes in both audio and video formats, making it accessible to developers, designers, and site builders alike. With its engaging and conversational style, the podcast aims to educate, inform, and create a sense of community within the Drupal ecosystem.

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Hosted by: Nic LaflinJohn Picozzi | Martin Anderson-Clutz


2. Drupal 7 End-of-Life

As Drupal 7 approaches its end-of-life (EOL) date, it's crucial for Drupal developers and site owners to understand the implications and plan their next steps.

The Drupal 7 End-of-Life podcast by Chromatic, a leading digital agency, delves deep into the consequences of this transition and provides valuable insights on what to do next. Join Mark Dorison (CTO) and Chris Free (President) as they discuss the significance of Drupal 7's EOL and guide listeners through the necessary considerations for a smooth transition.

Listen on: Spotify | Apple | YouTube

Hosted by: Mark Dorison | Dave Look | Chris Free

3. Lullabot Podcast

If you're looking for a podcast that combines news, interviews, and tips about Drupal and Open Source, look no further than the Lullabot Podcast. Produced by the renowned team at Lullabot, this podcast brings you insights from industry experts and Drupal community members.

With a wide range of topics covered, including the latest developments, best practices, and real-world experiences, the Lullabot Podcast is a valuable resource for anyone interested in Drupal and Open Source technologies.

Listen on: Apple

Hosted by: Matt Kleve


4. Drupal Easy

For over a decade, the Drupal Easy Podcast has been providing a weekly review of new developments and announcements within the Drupal community. Led by a rotating group of experienced hosts, this podcast features discussions with notable Drupal community contributors, offering valuable insights and perspectives on various Drupal-related topics.

Whether you're a Drupal hobbyist or a seasoned professional, the Drupal Easy Podcast is sure to enlighten, inform, and sometimes even entertain you with its geeky obsessions and collective experience.

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Hosted by: Andrew Riley | Anna Kalata | Kelley Curry | Michael Anello | Ryan Price | Ted Bowman


5. Tag1 Team Talks

From Tag1 Consulting, a global technology consulting firm, comes Tag1 Team Talks, a podcast that explores the implementation of open-source technologies. Hosted by Preston So, Michael Meyers, and other industry experts, this podcast delves into the business and technical aspects of various open-source technologies, including Drupal.

With a focus on trends and innovations in the open-source world, Tag1 Team Talks provides valuable insights for developers and technologists. If you're looking for in-depth conversations and expert perspectives, this podcast is a must-listen.

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Hosted by: Preston So | Michael Meyers


Listen to theseDrupal podcasts to learn, get the latest news, and hear advice from well-known people in the community. No matter if you're a skilled Drupal developer or a beginner, these podcasts will keep you updated, motivated, and part of the lively Drupal community. Enjoy!