Drupal 8 installation guide

Posted on Monday, May 12, 2014
Drupal 8 installation guide


Drupal 8 is not release yet but you can start exploring it now. And for this your first step is going to be installation of drupal 8. In this blog post we will introduce your to basic Drupal 8 installation.

In order to install the Drupal 8 application, please follow the  step-by-step instructions below:

  • Download the installation file from Drupal.org by choosing the latest release of drupal 8 and download the package.
  • Extract downloaded folder and rename it "Drupal 8" and then place it in root directory of your server.
  • Navigate to the URL of your Drupal site and run the install.php file (for example localhost/drupal8/install.php). Select language for Drupal application.choose language drupal 8
  • Select installation profile.select an installation profile drupal 8
  • Next step is verify requirements in which drupal installation will automatically verify whether your system supports minimun requirements for drupal 8 installation. It will include creating files folder inside sites/default folder and giving it 777 permission.
  • Now in database setup enter your database name and its username and password.Database configuration drupal 8
  • After configuring database if everything goes right drupal 8 installation will start with installatio of core modules.Installing drupal 8 - 3
  • After drupal 8 installation completes the you will reach site configuration page where you need to enter your new drupal 8 site information.Configure site drupal 8
  • Finally, installation is finished and you have reached your fresh drupal 8 site home page.Drupal 8 welcome


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