QUICKLINK: Drupal module for faster subsequent pageload

Quicklink module provides a Drupal implementation of a lightweight javascript library called Quicklink. Quicklink library is developed by GoogleChromeLabs on the link prefetching capability of browsers which allows faster subsequent page loads.

Integrate AMP with Drupal to rank on Google

The biggest reason you should be integrating AMP pages with Drupal websites is to rank better in google and display content faster on mobile devices. Here is the tutorial to explain how you can implement AMP pages with Drupal with just contributed modules.

Step by step Drupal 8 installation guide for beginners

Drupal 8 is released and this is the best time to explore it. And for this, your first step is going to be the installation of Drupal 8. In this blog post, we will introduce you to step by step guide to basic Drupal 8 installation for beginners.
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