Guide to integrate Youtube Channel in Drupal website

In the online world with youtube becoming so popular several users have their own youtube channel to showcase their own videos. In your web application, you may have your own youtube channel about the review of a place/item etc. For a Drupal based web application, we have a module that exactly does this. The module is Youtube Channel.

The Youtube Channel module is one of the very popular modules when you want to integrate your favorite youtube channel into your Drupal based web application. The module gives you a block that you can place anywhere in your Drupal based web application, and it has a very simple configuration. It satisfies the need of having your own youtube videos in your Drupal based web application.

The module can be configured from config url admin/config/services/youtubechannel. Its configuration form is very simple. Through its configuration, you can set the desired youtube username for which you want to fetch videos, number of videos that you want to display in your Drupal based web application’s block, height and width for the youtube video player to be displayed in.  


Once you are done with your Youtube Channel module settings, you can choose the position/block for the youtube channel to be displayed in by visiting drupal block configuration at url admin/structure/block.


After settings of Youtube Channel module, and block settings for the position where you want to display your youtube channel nothing much is left to be done. All you have to do is visit your application and check videos from your favorite youtube channel.


The module can be downloaded from this url